Data Center Professional Services

We provide the following professional services to our clients to meet their Data Center requirements:

Data Center relocation and migration

We provide professional relocation service for servers, network equipment and other ICT related equipment from existing locations to new locations using proper strategy and a structured approach to ensure a successful relocation.

Facilities management 

We provide facilities management and maintenance management service for site infrastructure equipment in the Data Centers. This includes the setting up of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Procedures for the Data Center and management of maintenance service for the Data Center. An overall technical support program will be developed to integrate the internal support and the vendors’ support to ensure performance of the critical equipment.

Data Center electrical system upgrading & migration service

Besides Data Center relocation service stated above, we also provide professional migration service for any electrical setup configuration, such as1 feed HT/LV to 2 feed HT/LV supply without break, using proper power migration methodology to ensure a successful switchover.

Maintenance service

Our maintenance team will ensure that our clients’ equipment is properly maintained for optimum performance.

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Remedial maintenance
  • Fast on-site response